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Career Guide Online Certificate Program Course Outline

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Course Outline:

Course Introduction

Welcome to the Career Counseling Academy

How does Schoology work?

**CTC Visit Information**

Career Advising in Ohio (Week 1)

Career Academy Course Survey

Ohio's Career Advising Policy

How Do I Fit In?

Student Success Plan

*Introduce Yourself forum

ReDefining the Goal Discussions (Weeks 2-4)

Reading the book and participating in *7 discussion forums

Career Counseling (Weeks 5 & 6)

Week Five:

Ohio Means Jobs K-12 Introduction

*Career Connections

*Roles Assessment

Week Six:

Applying Ohio Means Jobs K-12

Career Pathways

College Credit Plus

Ohio's Graduation Requirements

Ohio Means Jobs Career Readiness Seal

Post High School Alternative Options

*Career Counseling Practice Interview

Business Connections (Week 7)

Career Connections: Business Connections

School-Business Partnerships That Work

District Business Advisory Councils

*Business Partnership Ideas

Work-Based Learning

*Business Connection Goals

Wrapping it Up (Week 8)

*Final Course Project

*Post Course Survey

* Denotes class assignment. A few other assignments may also be included in the actual course.

**Required: In-person visit to see career-tech programs in action! These could be programs offered through a career center, comprehensive high school or compact delivery method of providing a career-tech education.

Course Facilitator/Developer

Megan Reed

This course was designed by Megan Reed and Butler Tech with the goal of providing high school career advisors information and resources to effectively guide students through their career choices. 

Megan Reed is in her 19th year as an educator, and she is currently a Career Specialist in Butler Tech’s Workforce Services Department. Being a Career Specialist has allowed her to explore career myths and truths of helping students find success in the current labor market. She has found the information enlightening and looks for opportunities to share this information with others, especially educators.

Her other roles in education have included being a Family & Consumer Sciences Instructor to middle school and high school students, Online Course Creator/Instructor, Curriculum Specialist, and currently a Career Specialist in Butler Tech’s Workforce Services Department.

Megan is interested in helping others to learn about career advising and identifying opportunities to help students obtain career maturity. Megan was educated at Miami University, Ohio (Bachelor’s degree) and Nova Southeastern University (Master’s degree). Outside of work Megan has strong commitments to her family (husband and three kids), her God, her health…and desserts!

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