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Ohio Association for Career and Technical Education

State Budget Update

July 03, 2019 6:29 AM | Ohio ACTE (Administrator)

After several days of marathon negotiations, June 29-30, the House and Senate failed to reach consensus and pass a state operating budget bill by the statutory deadline (June 30). To avoid a shutdown, they instead passed legislation granting a 17-day operating extension that will temporarily fund the government, as both chambers continue deliberations.

The differences in the various budget proposals relate to a broad array of provisions addressing taxes, health care and education/school funding—including the level of funding for wraparound services; whether to allocate additional funds for high-growth / high-performing traditional school districts and school choice voucher programs; and whether (and how) to address academic distress commissions and graduation requirements.

We expect the legislature to take the next week off from negotiations and return the following week of July 8, with a vote/Governor signature on the budget by July 17. Once finalized, we will summarize all provisions relevant to career tech.

We anticipate the budget when approved to include:

1) A freeze in funding for all school districts (including community schools, STEM schools, and ESCs) at the FY 2019 levels, The House/Senate/Administration's proposed budget suspends the formula for all streams of funding, including CTE weighted funds, transportation, and special education—all of which are outside the current “cap/guarantee”. We continue to emphasize the need to maintain CTE weighted funding for JVSDs outside the proposed freeze.

2) At least $550 million over the biennium of “wellness and success” funding for school districts to serve at-risk youth.

3) 50mm over the biennium for school districts to subsidize the cost of High School Industry Recognized Credentials

4) At least 22.5mm over the biennium for schools (including JVSDs/OTCs) to subsidize Adult Industry Recognized Credentials

5) Increased funding for adult career technical education

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