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  • August 12, 2016 9:17 AM | Meg Schultz (Administrator)

    "On Point with Tom Ashford" is a radio program by NPR, which recently featured a discussion of CTE in a segment "New Strategies for Old-School Vocational Training."

    The program examined the re-branding of vocational education to career-technical education and new programs that have been added. The program covered the advantages of CTE programs, including on-the-job and real-world experience. Finally, the segment concluded by noting that in order to succeed, these programs "must work closely with business and industry" to ensure that students receive the skills they need for their careers.

    They also discussed the issues with career-technical education, including tracking and regional differences in programming. For example, the segment noted that some schools have excellent facilities and programs while others lack the funding and faculty to thrive. They also discussed the fact that some minority students are forced into career-technical education because of a lack of money for college. 

    The podcast also includes input from callers across the country.

    To listen to the podcast, click the play button below. 

  • August 08, 2016 11:10 AM | Meg Schultz (Administrator)

    The U.S. Department of Education is proposing new rules to ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) to ensure "fewer but higher quality tests." These rules would reduce testing and would give seven states the ability to pilot testing flexibility. States could also pick a "nationally recognized high school assessment of their choosing" instead of a state-developed test. The rules also introduce regulations to alternative assessments due to students' disabilities.

    View a summary in a US DoE Powerpoint - Click here.

    Click here for more information on ESSA.
  • August 07, 2016 1:05 PM | Meg Schultz (Administrator)

    Ohio ACTE 2016-2017 officers will begin their terms on September 1st, 2016:

    Ohio ACTE President: Dan Murphy, RG Drage Career Center

    Ohio ACTE President Elect: Nate Bishko, Mayfield EXcel Tecc

    Ohio ACTE Treasurer: Pam Hunt, Greene County Career Center

    Ohio ACTE Secretary: Beth Bronkar, C-Tec of Licking County

    Ohio ACTE Past President: Tim Buschur, Tri Star Career Compact

    Pictured above: Nate Bishko, Beth Bronkar, Tim Buschur, Pam Hunt, Dan Murphy

  • August 05, 2016 11:16 AM | Meg Schultz (Administrator)

    Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine stressed the important role educators have in reaching at-risk youth during his address July 26 to attendees at the Ohio ACTE Connections to Education Conference. He also shared the current state of the drug crisis, including enforcement and treatment tactics being used across the state.

    DeWine said the educational element, combined with law enforcement and other efforts, were needed to reduce addiction and overdose deaths in the longterm, for a drug that can be had more quickly than a pizza.

    "Today in Ohio and other states, you can get heroin as cheaply as you can buy a pizza -- sometimes cheaper," he said, adding, "And you can get it delivered as quickly / You'll have it in less than an hour.

    he would like to see age-appropriate instruction on drug addiction from kindergarten through high school, as part of efforts to counter the state's heroin epidemic.

    "If we're serious about prevention, if we're serious about education, if we're serious about stopping kids from starting on drugs, you have to start in kindergarten," DeWine said. "And you have to do something that's age-appropriate every single year. So for 13 years, you have to be doing something."

    He added, "If we don't do it now, we're going to have a new problem the next year and the next year."

  • August 03, 2016 9:23 AM | Meg Schultz (Administrator)

    The Ohio ACTE Connections to Education Conference July 25-27 at the Hilton Easton - Columbus brought together more than 850 career-technical educators, counselors and state staff for three days of professional development, recognition and sharing of ideas.

    There were more than 50 breakout sessions, presented by educators from across the state on all topics related to career-technical and adult education.

    Top moments included:

    1. The 2016 Educator Award Winners

    This year, Ohio ACTE honored 12 educators, administrators, school board members, and business and industry leaders for their role in promoting career-technical education in the state of Ohio. Ohio ACTE President Tim Buschur and CTSO students presented the winners with their awards at the Ohio ACTE Awards Reception on July 25, 2016. 

    To read more about the award winners, click here

    Pictured left Ohio ACTE Educator Award Winners, Stephanie McKnight, Tracy Hetrick, Fred Paul, Laura Ringler, Margaret Hess, Mark Edington, Katie Lucas

    Pictured below: Ohio ACTE President Tim Buschur and Ohio ACTE Outstanding School Board Members (Joe Rose, Paul Lockwood, Cheryl Basista, Rick France)

    2. Chef Curtis Duffy - Career-Tech Graduate

    Conference attendees had the opportunity to hear from renowned chef, Curtis Duffy. Chef Duffy  a graduate of C-TEC of Licking County. During his address, Duffy discussed how career-technical educators took him from a "punk kid" to a famous chef with his own Three-Star Michelin restaurant. Attendees also viewed the trailer from the Netflix documentary about Duffy's Chicago restaurant, Grace. 

    For more information about Curtis Duffy or to watch the documentary summary, click here

    3. Tuesday Luncheon with Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and Officer Richard Wheeler

    During the Tuesday Luncheon on July 26, attendees heard from Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine about the drug crisis in Ohio. DeWine highlighted the role of career-technical educators in helping "at-risk youth" recognize their talents and abilities. He also pointed out that this problem must solved at the community level. 

    Attendees also heard from career-technical graduate, Officer Richard Wheeler. After serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, Richard Wheeler applied to the Marion Police Department. He was named Officer of the Year after only two years on the force. Like Duffy, Wheeler took the opportunity to thank his former teachers for the influence they had on his life and the steps they took to ensure he would have his dream career. 

    4. Legislative Update from Will Vorys

    Will Vorys, a lawyer with Dickinson Wright PLLC, provided a legislative update at the closing general session on Wednesday, July 27. His update discussed the turbulent election season and the effect it would have on career-technical legislation. He also discussed WebXam's and RESA's current status within the legislative process.

    To view Will Vorys's presentation, click here.

    5. More than 50 Breakout Sessions

    More than 100 presenters shared their knowledge and expertise in all areas of career-technical education, providing attendees with an opportunity to learn more about best practices and projects to implement in their own schools and classrooms.  

    Click here for a more in-depth review of the Conference and save the date for next year's conference:  July 24-26, Hilton Columbus at Easton.

  • August 01, 2016 2:25 PM | Ohio ACTE (Administrator)

    With summer break coming to an end, students and educators are preparing for the new school year. Career-technical educators at career centers, compacts and comprehensive high schools across the state are busy getting ready for their student's arrival in the upcoming weeks. What are some 2015-2016 back to school statistics?

    Ohio Statistics

    There are 3,586 public schools in Ohio. Almost 1.7 million students attended public schools last year.

    According to the latest data (click here), almost 22 percent of students in grades 9-12 are career-tech students.

    Public school expenditures totaled $9.1 billion last year. Current education expenditures per student in Ohio is $10,478.

    Information and graphic from the ODE website; for more state statistics, click here.

    National Statistics


    50.1 million students will attend public schools. 14.9 million of these students will be enrolled in grades 9-12. 


    Public school districts will employ 3.1 million full-time teachers. The average student to teacher ratio will be 16:1.


    Public school expenditures are projected to total $634 billion this year. The current expenditure per student is project at $12,605.

    For more national statistics, visit the NCES website by clicking here.

    Good luck to all career tech students and educators in the upcoming year!

  • August 01, 2016 10:35 AM | Meg Schultz (Administrator)

    Ohio ACTE, in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Education Office of CTE, is seeking Ohio’s brightest CTE  seniors in the Class of 2017 for national recognition.

    The Presidential Scholars Program will recognize 20 of the nation’s 2017 career-tech graduates to receive the  CTE U.S. Presidential Scholars Designation.  While this has long been an honor for all of the nation’s graduating seniors, it is especially significant that career-tech is now included (2016 was the first year CTE was included).


    The process to apply for the Presidential Scholars Program is detailed within the application form. Please click here to access the application.
    Please thoroughly review the application/nomination form and note the minimum requirements.  This program recognizes exceptional career-tech students.  Please send nominations for the brightest seniors via e-mail as ONE scanned PDF document per student to membership@ohioacte.orgThe deadline is October 1Please note: it is suggested only one student from each school/career center be nominated.

    More information on the Presidential Scholarship Program can be found here:


    Questions?  Contact Ohio ACTE at 614/890-2283.

  • July 28, 2016 11:54 AM | Meg Schultz (Administrator)

    Ohio ACTE and the Ohio Ophthalmological Society are partnering once again to offer FREE safety eyewear for students in programs requiring the use of eye protection.  This program is possible as part of a grant from the Ohio Department of Health to  promote eye safety and to encourage students to use protective eyewear in activities outside of the classroom as well.

    In order to participate, schools must agree to provide safety information to students and participate in a survey.  It is open to all schools and is not needs-based.

    The application deadline is August 31.  Please click here for the application and return the completed form to membership@ohioacte.org by August 31.  CLICK HERE FOR THE 2016 APPLICATION

    Since the inception of the program in 2009, more than 100,000 protective eyewear pieces have been distributed.  Programs benefiting from this partnership include: Automotive, BioMedical Science, Arts, Building and Grounds, HVAC, Dental Assisting, and more.

  • July 27, 2016 10:56 AM | Meg Schultz (Administrator)

    Ohio ACTE’s Annual Connections to Education Conference took place from July 25-27, at the Hilton Columbus—Easton. This year’s conference was both an opportunity for exceptional professional development and a celebration of career-technical education in Ohio.

    Monday morning began with pre-conference sessions, which included Career Development through Career Connections, Survive and Thrive: An Initiation for New CTE Teachers, and an Ohio Department of Education update from Emily Passias, the Director of Career-Technical Education at ODE.

    Then, on Monday night, Ohio ACTE honored its 2016 Educator Awards, the Darrell L. Parks Scholarship winners, the 2016 Byrl R. Shoemaker Institute Participants, and the division award winners. Finally, Curtis Duffy, a renowned chef from Chicago and a former student at C-TEC of Licking County, took the stage to thank his former teachers for the influence they had on his life.

    Tuesday began the Ohio ACTE break-out sessions. This year, attendees had over 57 sessions to choose from with presenters from all over the country. Topics included licensure information, drones, CTE students and poverty, new technologies, and more. 

    Tuesday also featured special presentations from Chef Curtis Duffy; Emily Passias; Ohio Attorney General, Mike DeWine; and Marion Officer of the Year, Richard Wheeler. Chef Curtis Duffy and Richard Wheeler discussed how career-technical education and their teachers shaped their lives and careers in positive ways. Mike DeWine thanked teachers for their work with students and gave a valuable update on the drug crisis in Ohio. Emily Passias provided a brief ODE officer of CTE update and answered attendees’ questions. To access presentations from some of our speakers, click here

    After the last of the break-out sessions, Wednesday ended with a legislation and policy update from Will Vorys, a lawyer from Dickinson Wright PLLC. Ohio ACTE President Tim Buschur also introduced the new officers for the 2016-2017 school year. Finally, the winners of the Darrell L. Parks Student Scholarship Raffle were announced. This year, over $1400 were raised to help career-technical students in Ohio continue their education.

    To see more pictures from this year’s conference, visit our Twitter and Facebook pages. Next year’s Connections to Education Conference will take place at the Hilton Columbus—Easton from July 24-26. 

  • July 18, 2016 9:21 AM | Meg Schultz (Administrator)

    Starting in August, the Ohio Department of Education will be traveling to multiple sites around the state to discuss changes in federal education laws. ODE will also be hosting a series of webinars discussing the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

    To see the meeting and webinar schedules, click here

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