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  • May 21, 2015 12:09 PM | Abbey Keyse (Administrator)

    Serena Drake of Vantage Career Center is this year's Conference Program Design Contest winner!

    With the help of her Interactive Media instructor, Jill DeWert, Serena's cover was selected out of 50 plus other entries!

    As seen in the picture above, Serena is holding her winning entry - which will be the program cover for this year's
    Connections to Education Conference, Monday, July 27 - Wednesday, July 29 at the Hilton - Easton in Columbus.

    Also in the picture is Ben Winans, Vantage Career Center Director, Staci Kaufman, Superintendent, and Jill DeWert, Serena's Interactive Media instructor.


    Serena plans to further her education in both web coding and graphic design after graduating high school. She has completed volunteer work for the local humane society's website. She hopes to one day run an animal rescue for pet rats that have been abandoned by their owners.

    Congratulations to Serena and all of the staff at Vantage Career Center!


    For more information on the 2015 Connections to Education Conference, please click here.

  • May 13, 2015 11:29 AM | Abbey Keyse (Administrator)

    The Ohio General Assembly has been busy this budget cycle, and several bills directly relating to career-technical education (CTE) are currently under consideration.  Below are several bills and provisions that Ohio ACTE is advocating:


    Budget Bill: House Bill 64, or the “Budget Bill,” passed in the House last month and is currently under consideration in the Senate Finance Committee.  Career-technical educators and a CTE student has testified in both chambers in support of amending the funding formula to increase funding for CTE—specifically by funding CTE outside of the state share and cap and guarantee limitations.  As you are likely aware, current funding formula limitations such as the “caps” and “guarantees” prevent any career centers, comprehensives, or compact districts from receiving the “tiered” CTE funding when adding new students.  In addition, the tiered funds are reduced depending on the relative wealth of a district.  As a result, some districts do not receive any tiered funding at all. 


    This poses significant obstacles for CTE, particularly when schools seek to start new programs.  As a result, Ohio ACTE advocates for phasing-in a tiered funding system that falls outside of the caps and guarantees and the tiered funds are not reduced based on wealth index.  We believe this approach would provide significant financial support for new CTE programs and fully funds the CTE formula, and we will continue to advocate for a more effective funding model in the Senate.


    Other CTE-related provisions we are tracking include:

    - Increase in CTE Funding Tier amounts.

    - Option for CTE resident educators to forego years one and two of the resident educator program and obtain a professional license after successfully completing the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA) required in years 3 and 4.

    - Option for students using CTE graduation “pathway” to take a career-based pathway mathematics course as an alternative to Algebra II.

    - Permanent exemption of CTE articulated credit courses from College Credit Plus (currently only exempted until July 1, 2016).

    - Increase in Ohio technical center funding by $1 million


    Assessments/WebXams: Last session, Ohio ACTE advocated for eliminating the Department of Education’s WebXams in courses where students earn an industry-recognized credential or a license.  As our testimony noted, typical CTE students will sit through at least 14 standardized assessments, including at least 4 WebXams. This year, the House has included our proposed language in House Bill 74—the bill has been reported out of committee but has yet to come up for a vote on the House floor.  In addition, we have been working with the Senate Advisory Committee on Testing, which will be evaluating current testing requirements and making recommendations to the General Assembly.  We will continue to work with both chambers to reduce the significant testing burden on CTE students and advocate for the reduction of duplicative assessments. 


    RESA: As passed by the Senate, Senate Bill 3 will significantly modify the requirements for all participants in the Resident Educator programs. Ohio ACTE representatives testified that RESA significantly impedes the progress of new teachers and discourages new teacher candidates—particularly those coming from industry—from joining the profession.  The RESA process involves cumbersome submissions of required information, and the results of such tests were inconsistent with other evaluation systems and provided little guidance for teachers who did not pass.

    Championed by Senate President Faber (R-Celina), the bill would allow all districts, including joint vocational school districts, the option of (1) continuing to use RESA or (2) assessing resident educators in years three and four of the program through OTES.  Note that this amendment covers all teachers taking part in the Resident Educator program, including career-technical educators in Route A and Route B licensure programs.  The bill is currently under consideration in the House Education Committee. 


    Hours-to-Days: Recently, many JVSD members have stated that they would prefer to revert back to the “days” reporting method for purposes of establishing the minimum school year.  You may recall that the legislature shifted the measurement from “days to hours” in the last Budget cycle.  This shift has created significant transportation and scheduling issues for JVSDs because of the wide variation in district schedules. Based on this feedback, we are seeking to allow JVSDs the option of utilizing and reporting either days or hours for minimum school year purposes.  We will continue to advocate for this change and will keep you posted with our progress.


    EMIS Update:  As you may know, difficulties in transitioning portions of the EMIS system has caused some issues regarding funding—particularly for CTE providers with increased student counts.  The Ohio Department of Education has confirmed that CTE data is currently being finalized, and districts waiting on additional funds owed should receive such funds this fiscal year.  Further, ODE has stated that districts may carry over funds this year without repaying all categorical funds by year’s end.  More information about this process should be available in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.


    We will continue to follow these and other CTE-related issues—particularly with regard to the Budget Bill—as they move through the General Assembly.


    by Terrence O'Donnell and Adam Schira, attorneys with Dickinson Wright and legislative counsel for Ohio ACTE.

  • May 13, 2015 10:11 AM | Abbey Keyse (Administrator)

    Out of nearly 250 applicants, two Darrell Parks Student Scholarship Recipients have been chosen. Each student will receive a 1,000 dollar scholarship to help further their education. The winners, chosen by Dr. Parks, are:


    -Joshua Blochowski, from Penta Career Center, a graduating senior enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program.


    -Mackenzie Slicker, from Washington High School (Massillon City Schools), a graduating senior in the Exercise Science/Sports Medicine field.


    Congratulations to both students, their families, and the staff at both Penta Career Center and Washington High School!


    Read more about these exceptional CTE students by clicking here.  

  • May 10, 2015 3:23 PM | Ohio ACTE (Administrator)

    Ohio ACTE and the Ohio Ophthalmological Society are partnering once again to offer FREE safety eyewear for students in programs requiring the use of eye protection.  This program is possible as part of a grant from the Ohio Department of Health to  promote eye safety and to encourage students to use protective eyewear in activities outside of the classroom as well.

    In order to participate, schools must agree to provide safety information to students and participate in a survey.  It is open to all schools and is not needs-based.

    The application deadline is August 15.  Please click here for the application and return the completed form to membership@ohioacte.org by August 15.

    Since the inception of the program in 2009, more than 100,000 protective eyewear pieces have been distributed.  Programs benefiting from this partnership include: Automotive, BioMedical Science, Arts, Building and Grounds, HVAC, Dental Assisting, and more.

  • April 23, 2015 12:16 PM | Abbey Keyse (Administrator)

    At this year's PACE & USO/TDN Spring Conference Bill Souder, Columbus City Schools, was awarded the 2015 Bill Ruth Award. The Bill Ruth Award is the highest honor an adult educator can receive.


    Pictured here is Bill Souder (left) and Bill Ruth.

  • April 17, 2015 3:19 PM | Abbey Keyse (Administrator)

    Upper Valley Career Center, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, (Architecture & Construction Career Cluster) and Lorain County JVS,  Culinary Arts Academy, (Hospitality & Tourism Career Cluster) received the Excellence in Action Award from the National Association of State Director of Career and Technical Education.


    Programs of study are selected for this award based upon their uniquely inventive and effective approaches to stimulating student learning, offering extensive work-based learning experiences, maintaining strong partnerships with industry and community organizations, and preparing students for postsecondary and career success.  


    For more information about the Excellence in Action Award and its Ohio recipients, please click here.  

  • April 02, 2015 2:12 PM | Abbey Keyse (Administrator)

    Former Governor Bob Taft is a champion for career and technical education. In an opinion article in  the Columbus Dispatch, he  enthusiastically expresses support for CTE programs. Gov. Taft contacted Ohio ACTE to discuss CTE and also attended Ohio ACTE's Student Showcase on March 12, where he visited with CTE students.  


    "We are so grateful to Gov. Taft for his recognition of career-technical education and the opportunities it provides students and Ohio's economy," said Christine Gardner, Ohio ACTE Executive Director. " As a former Ohio Governor known for his positive impact on education during his tenure, having him publicly express his support for CTE means so much."


    To read the full article, please click here.  

  • April 02, 2015 2:09 PM | Abbey Keyse (Administrator)


    CTE is critical to the future of Ohio is the message from Rep. Bill Reineke from Tiffin.  In a recent column, he emphasizes the importance of the experience that CTE provides students as they begin their career or continue their education.  Rep. Reineke points out how CTE has changed and the “renaissance” of career-technical education, not to mention its importance to Ohio’s economy and filling the growing employment needs.


    To read Rep. Reineke's full article, please click here.

  • March 26, 2015 10:34 AM | Abbey Keyse (Administrator)

    On March 25, 2015, the Ohio Senate passed Senate Bill 3 that would significantly modify the requirements for all participants in the Resident Educator programs.  Championed by Senate President Faber (R-Celina), the bill would allow all districts—including joint vocational school districts—to bypass assessment requirements in years three and four of the Resident Educator program and instead utilize OTES as the requisite form of assessment.


    Currently, all Resident Educator and Alternative Resident Educators must complete and pass the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA) in order to attain professional licensure.  Ohio ACTE representatives testified in committee that RESA significantly impedes the progress of new teachers and discourages new teacher candidates—particularly those coming from industry—from joining the profession.  The RESA process involves multiple submissions of required information that would be cumbersome for even the most experienced teachers, let alone new teachers.  Further, testimony indicated results on last year’s RESA tests were not provided in a timely manner from the California vendor that performed evaluations and provided little guidance for teachers who did not pass.


    Senate Bill 3 provides districts a choice of resident educator assessments: they may (1) continue using RESA or (2) assess participants in years three and four of the program through OTES.  Note this amendment covers all teachers taking part in the Resident Educator program, including career-technical educators in Route A and Route B licensure programs.


    SB 3 now moves on to the House for consideration.  Ohio ACTE will continue to advocate for this alternative to RESA in this bill as it moves through the Legislature.

    by Adam J. Schira, attorney, Dickinson-Wright, Columbus 


  • March 05, 2015 7:53 AM | Ohio ACTE (Administrator)

    Ohio Senator and Senate Education Chair Peggy Lehner (R–Kettering) announced the creation of a Senate Advisory Committee on Testing. The committee will be made up of educational experts from across the state and will make recommendations to the Senate on state required assessments.


    The committee will be evaluating the administration of the new tests given to students in the 2014-2015 school year and make recommendations to the Senate on how to improve state testing.

    Committee members include the following:



    Dar Borradaile, Miami Valley Career and Technical Center

    Melissa Cropper, Georgetown Exempted Village Schools

    Amy Holbrook, Mad River Local Schools

    Kimberly Jones, Columbus City Schools

    Shari Obrenski, Cleveland City Schools

    Billie Sarich, Grandview Heights City Schools

    Kay Wait, Toledo City Schools



    Adrian Allison, Canton City Schools

    Jan Broughton, Fairfield Union Local Schools

    April Domine, New Albany Plain Local Schools

    John Marschhausen, Hilliard City Schools

    Keith Millard, Hamilton City Schools

    Paul Imhoff, Upper Arlington City Schools


    Curriculum and Testing Specialists:

    Cheryl Irish, Miami University

    Machelle Kline, Columbus City Schools

    Jim Mahoney, Battelle for Kids

    Char Shryock, Bay Village Schools

    Julie Sellers, Cincinnati City Schools


    State Board of Education:

    Michael Collins

    Todd Jones


    Other Educational Experts:

    Earl Oremus, Marburn Academy

    Andy Boy, United Schools Network

    Jessica Voltolini, Ohio Department of Education

    Chris Knight, Catholic Schools, Diocese of Toledo

    Parent representative, to be announced


    Senate Members:

    Senate Education Chair Senator Peggy Lehner

    Senate Education Vice-Chair Senator Cliff Hite

    Senate Education Ranking Member Tom Sawyer

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