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Ohio Association for Career and Technical Education

Career TEchnical AND Adult Education News

  • February 01, 2019 6:39 PM | Ohio ACTE (Administrator)

    Career technical and adult education programs deserve more state funding for renovation and equipment upgrades, Gov. Mike DeWine said on Jan. 23 at the Ohio ACTE Legislative Seminar in Columbus.

    “As we look to the future, and as we work with the Legislature, this is a governor who is going to be very mindful of how important the career centers are,” DeWine said in his remarks to the 200 attendees gathered for the 39th annual Ohio ACTE Legislative Seminar.

    “I don’t come here with a specific proposal, but I’m telling you that we want to work with you on that, to figure out how to make your life easier -- and that’s not really the important part -- what’s really important are the kids we are trying to reach,” Gov. DeWine said to the audience.

    DeWine also said he wants to help change parents’ perceptions of what career technical education entails, noting many don’t realize how much it has evolved over the last two decades.

     “I think part of the job of the governor, frankly, is to talk about that and to maybe change the culture a little bit so the parents understand what really goes on in career centers today,” he said.   DeWine also said it’s also important for students to understand that attending a career center won’t preclude them from qualifying to enroll in a four-year college or university.

    “Career-technical educators at career centers, comprehensive and compact delivery models appreciate that Gov. DeWine understands and supports their efforts to help students find their talents and assist businesses in finding the employees they need,” said Christine Gardner, Ohio ACTE Executive Director after Gov. DeWine’s remarks.

    Gov. DeWine said people too often talk about education generally, even though “every kid is different.”

    “Fran and I see that in our own family. We have a son who has a Ph.D. in botany and is an organic farmer. We have an inner-city school teacher. We have one that runs a minor-league baseball team. We have a stay-at-home mom. We have one who’s a judge, and one who’s an assistant prosecutor. I guess I missed a couple, but you sort of get the idea. It’s diversity -- same parents, same upbringing supposedly, and they’re different. They just all had different passions. So what you’re doing is helping to give these kids a passion, and you’re helping them get the tools to succeed,” DeWine said.

    DeWine said like him, most people can think of at least a few teachers who changed their lives.

    “We’ve got to hold up these teachers. Many of them, in your schools, have left a career where they were making a lot more money. You can’t pay them what they used to make, but they got to a point in their life where they decided, ‘I want to do this. I want to give back. I want to make a difference.’ So it’s very, very exciting, what you all are doing. We’re going to work with you and work with the state Legislature to be as helpful as we can,” DeWine said.

  • February 01, 2019 6:51 AM | Ohio ACTE (Administrator)

    The ODE Office of CTE has posted the Perkins V Draft Transition Plan.  A draft of the transition plan and survey to provide feedback can be found here:

    The comment window will close on February 15.
  • January 09, 2019 8:23 AM | Ohio ACTE (Administrator)

    Gov. DeWine will provide his remarks and address career-technical educators at the 2019 Legislative Seminar on Jan. 23.

    "I am so pleased that Gov. DeWine will take the time to meet with career-technical educators at the Legislative Seminar," said Christine Gardner, Ohio ACTE Executive Director.  "He has long been a supporter of CTE, and we appreciate that he will make our conference one of his first addresses at such a busy time - the very beginning of his term as Ohio Governor," Gardner added.

    Click here for the complete Seminar agenda and to register.

    Additionally, students will have an opportunity to learn about the building blocks of state government and watch the inauguration.  At noon on Jan. 14, Gov.-elect Mike DeWine and Lieutenant Gov.-elect Jon Husted will take the oath of office during a public ceremony at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus. There are many learning opportunities connected to this event, and the Ohio Department of Education has resources for educators to jump-start classroom excitement.

  • January 09, 2019 8:13 AM | Ohio ACTE (Administrator)

    Students in the classes of 2019 and 2020 now have additional options to satisfy state graduation requirements. Students who entered grade 9 after July 1, 2014, are the first to earn diplomas under the new graduation requirements.

    Click here for related article.

  • January 06, 2019 12:41 PM | Ohio ACTE (Administrator)


    Share your knowledge, expertise and success with other educators!

    Connect with other career-technical and adult educators throughout Ohio by sharing your experience, wisdom and knowledge by presenting a 60-minute session at the 2019 Ohio ACTE Annual Connections to Education Conference July 29-31, 2019 at the Hilton Easton Columbus.

    Click here to complete the online proposal form. Proposals are due Jan. 31, 2019.

  • January 05, 2019 12:13 PM | Ohio ACTE (Administrator)

    Each year, Ohio ACTE honors outstanding educators and others who support career technical education, at the Connections to Education Conference in July. Ohio ACTE is now accepting nominations for the 2019 Educator Awards.

    Do you know an individual who deserves recognition? Deadline for nominations is January 15, 2019.  Fill out our online nomination form and find out more by clicking here.

    Ohio ACTE Educator Awards include: 

    Ambassador Award

    Teacher of the Year Award*

    Post Secondary Teacher of the Year Award*

    Administrator of the Year Award*

    Outstanding New Career & Technical Teacher*

    Outstanding Educator in Community Service

    Career Guidance Award*

    Business Image Award (non-educators eligible)

    Outstanding School Board Member Award (non-educators eligible)

    *Ohio ACTE Award recipients in these categories are eligible to win Region 1 and National ACTE recognition.

    Click here for the Ohio ACTE Awards Descriptions

    Do you know an individual who deserves recognition? Fill out our online nomination form by clicking here.

  • January 03, 2019 11:49 AM | Ohio ACTE (Administrator)

    Regional meetings are being hosted by the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Higher Education to provide an opportunity for input in the state planning process for Perkins V.  The meeting will include:

    • A general overview of the Perkins V Transition Plan;
    • The Perkins V 4-year State Plan development process; and
    • Opportunities for stakeholder feedback on topics related to the state transition and 4-year plans.

    All regional meetings will be held from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Meals are not provided, but there will be a break for lunch. Please plan accordingly.

    On July 31, 2018, the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act, or Perkins V, was signed into lawThis legislation:

    • Requires extensive collaboration among State- and local-level secondary, postsecondary, and business and industry partners to develop and implement high-quality CTE programs and programs of study;
    • Introduces a needs assessment to align CTE programs to locally identified in-demand, high-growth, and high-wage career fields;
    • Strengthens the CTE teacher and faculty pipeline, especially in hard-to-fill program areas, including STEM;
    • Promotes innovative practices to reshape where, how, and to whom CTE is delivered;
    • Expands the reach and scope of career guidance and academic counseling; and
    • Shifts responsibility to States to determine their performance measures, including new program quality measures, and related levels of performance to optimize outcomes for students.

    This meeting is recommended for Superintendents, Career-Technical Education Directors, Treasurers and Postsecondary and Adult Perkins recipients. Subsequent meetings with broader stakeholders will be scheduled in the future.

    To RSVP for one or more of these meetings, please click on the below link. Relevant materials will be sent in advance of the meeting.

    Please contact Samantha Fallucco with questions regarding registration.

  • December 21, 2018 7:36 AM | Ohio ACTE (Administrator)

    Gov. Kasich signed HB 491 on Dec. 19 that extends the additional options in place for the class of 2018, to the class of 2019 with no changes.  It also extends the options one additional year to 2020, but with a few modifications, including:

    • Students need a cumulative GPA of 2.5 for the final two years of high school (instead of just the last year)
    • The “capstone project” option must comply  with ODE guidance and include a process for evaluation
    • Students who utilize the work/community service hours option must comply with ODE guidance and verification requirements
    The amendment also requires that ODE, in consultation with the business community, present recommendations for a long-term fix by April 1, 2019.

  • December 07, 2018 11:01 AM | Ohio ACTE (Administrator)

    Two career centers, Warren County Career Center and Laurel Oaks Career Campus (Great Oaks), were among Ohio schools receiving a Purple Star designation for their commitment to serving military-connected students and their families.   State Superintendent of Public Instruction Paolo DeMaria announced Dec. 7 that 57 Ohio schools received the designation; it is the first time career centers are among those recognized, according to ODE.

     “Purple Star schools provide our military children and families with the resources they need to be successful. We’re thankful for their service and honored to continue the important work of improving services for Ohio’s military families,” said Superintendent DeMaria.

    The Purple Star designation for military-friendly schools recognizes schools that show a major commitment to serving students and families connected to our nation’s armed forces. The Purple Star Advisory Board, formed by the Ohio departments of Education, Higher Education, Veterans Services and Adjutant General, helps decide eligibility.

    A Purple Star school will receive the designation for two years. After two years, the school must reapply. The Purple Star emblem was selected because purple symbolizes support for military families.

    There are 34,000 children in Ohio with one or more parents serving in the military. This includes the children of active duty, reserve and Ohio National Guard members. Some of these children will attend six to nine different schools throughout their K-12 educational experiences. In addition to changing schools often, a student can be affected by a parent’s deployment. Schools can help students and families face these issues by connecting them with the resources they need.

    The full list of schools receiving the designation and how to apply can be found by clicking here.


  • December 06, 2018 6:00 AM | Ohio ACTE (Administrator)

    The Ohio Senate Education Committee convened Dec. 5 to consider a number of bills, including HB 491—which focuses primarily on licenses for pupil service personnel. Importantly, the committee accepted an amendment to HB 491 that addresses student graduation requirements for the class of 2019 & 2020.  The amendment extends the additional options in place for the class of 2018, to the class of 2019 with no changes.  The amendment also extends the added options one additional year to 2020, but with a few minor modifications. 

                    Ohio ACTE has been advocating for an extension of the additional options and is pleased to see the Ohio General Assembly’s progress on the issue.  We will continue to monitor HB 491 as it moves through the legislature and is ultimately delivered to Governor Kasich for signature by the end of the year.

    Read more - click here

    - Will Vorys, Dickinson Wright, Ohio ACTE Legislative Counsel

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